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Syndicated Mortgages

What is a Syndicated Mortgage?

A Syndicated Mortgage occurs when several investors choose to collectively fund one mortgage instrument. Not a fund, not a pool – it is collateral in your personal name; security with title. This feature is unique to Syndicated Mortgages and is not available through any other product.


  • Every investor has the full face amount of their principal investment registered in their favour at the Provincial Land Registry Office with a charge on the land providing their collateral.
  • The syndicated mortgage investment product we provide focuses on financing large residential projects with well-established and successful developers.
  • Clients have the ability to choose which project to invest in, whether it’s in the community next door, or outside their home province.
  • Over 90% of investors decide to re-invest with us after their initial term.


Earn 8% Fixed Annual Interest

Each Project is unique with payments predetermined as a quarterly payout.

When choosing a project to participate in, the length of the term as well as the payment schedule are disclosed so you can decide which best fits with your investment portfolio.

Other products can leave you guessing when and where you’ll make a profit, but Fortress projects have defined terms so you know exactly when you’ll receive interest payments. That’s the advantage of investing via a Syndicate Mortgage; you have the benefits and rights of being a lender to protect your position.


How Do I Lean More?

Due to Compliance requirements and the Regulatory nature of Investments, we invite you to view our micro site on our partner's, Fortress Real Development, website by clicking on their logo below.