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About Us


Finding you the most suitable mortgage for your unique situation is just the first step. Mortgage Managers has invested in sophisticated computer software that enables us to proactively manage your mortgage debt during its term, monitoring that debt for interest saving opportunities. Our goal is to ultimately help you pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible, while enabling you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

If you want a mortgage tailored to suit your needs, a Mortgage Managers broker will explain your mortgage options and help you make an informed decision.  

Our Mission

  • To represent the highest quality principals in an ethical and professional manner in all aspects of our business on a long-term basis.
  • To counsel our customers, provide customized mortgage programs, and help them pursue financial freedom.
  • To empower our associates to add value to the process ... to be absolutely customer focused.

Our Company History

Mortgage Managers is a Canadian mortgage brokerage firm established February 2009. However, our founders have been in the mortgage and finance industry for over 20 years and formed the company on the principle that an enterprise could be established in the mortgage industry that is ethical and whose hallmark is integrity while achieving profitability through honest business practices. Our corporate mission requires us to educate, counsel, and assist our clients to achieve a debt free future. This ethical standard, and our commitment to our clients, is what sets us above the standard, giving Mortgage Managers an edge in this business. Mortgage Managers strives to employ applicants who meet the highest qualifications and share the objectives of the organization.

MMB Mortgage Managers Brokerage Inc. is a Federally Incorporated company and is licensed provincially. Similarly, all Mortgage Managers' brokers must be licensed in their respective province and be a member of the  Canadian Mortgage Broker Association (CMBA) via the Mortgage Brokers Association of Atlantic Canada (MBAAC).