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About Us

Community Involvement

​The Mortgage Managers team believes it is important to get involved in supporting local community groups and charities.


Mortgage Managers has been picking up trash around the Highway 103 and Hammonds Plains Road interchage at Exit 5 since 2011.  We have picked up over 100 bags of garbage duing this time.  Besides the usual garbage, we have found some interesting things and some disturbing things.  Every year we are lucky enough to find a $10 or $20 bill.  We have also found a watch, a windshield, and a suprising number of both men's and women's underwear! . Every year we also find an alarming number of Tim Horton's or MacDonald's coffee cups with a beer can hidden inside.

Arthritis Society

After our President's mother passed after a life-long battle with Rhumatoid Arthritis in 2015, we began supporting the Arthritis Society's fund raising events.  In the Spring of 2015 we volunteered at the Walk To Fight Arthritis by helping with set-up, BBQing hot dogs and hamburgers, and tear-down and clean-up.